Thanks for Supporting UnCommon Heroes



What an event! On November 16, we packed more than 200 people into Impact Hub Oakland to celebrate UnCommon Law’s 10-year anniversary and to recognize eight very special UnCommon Heroes. Emcee Troy Williams provided just the inspiration and ray of hope we needed in this difficult post-election period.

Those in attendance donated more than $55,000 — a huge step forward for our nonprofit and a powerful start toward funding our newest initiative, “Unlocking Minds: Justice for Youth-Sentenced Lifers.” Through this initiative we’ll work to improve access to rehabilitative programs and counseling, and to provide legal assistance for thousands of Californians who were sentenced to long prison terms before age 23.

If you were unable to join us, you can still make a tax-deductible contribution in support of our efforts to bring youth-sentenced lifers safely home. You can easily donate online at

Congratulations to our UnCommon Heroes, and thank you all for your continued support — it makes a life-changing difference!

We also extend our deepest gratitude to the following sponsors, contributors and volunteers who donated time, energy and other vital resources to make this event happen: 

Keker & Van Nest; Rosen, Bien, Galvan & Grunfeld; National Center for Youth Law; Gather; Taste; CALA; Silicon Valley De-bug; LogikCull; Speck and Spaetzle; Kitchener; Lagunitas; Salesforce; Impact Justice; Powered by Pork; Emma Rosenbush; Justin Rausa; Scott Braley; Gabby Gamboa; Chickpea Chick; Rubicon Programs; Claire Chen-Carter; Everett Alfonso; Quinn Delaney; Linda Woo; Rochelle Edwards; Angali and Matia Emsellem; Aida Baron; Alexander McDermott; Angelica and Carol Zabin; Nisha Giridhar; Imogene Mankin; Sonia Roubini; Lilliana Paratore; Juliana DeVries; and Bryn Starbird.

An extra special THANK YOU goes to:

Our volunteer social worker Julie Hess, who poured a superhuman amount of time, energy, heart, and brilliance into coordinating this event.