Stanford Criminal Justice Center releases new Realignment reports

Last week, Stanford released its first major study of the impacts of Public Safety Realignment on California counties. The report, available here, is entitled “Voices From the Field: How California Stakeholders View Public Safety Realignment” by Joan Petersilia.

This first report summarizes the results of 125 interviews conducted in 21 counties with stakeholders responsible for implementing AB 109. To produce a snapshot of how counties are faring, interviewers spoke with police, sheriffs, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation and parole agents, victim advocates, offenders, and social service representatives.

This week Stanford released a second major study, available here, entitled: “Follow the Money: How California Counties Are Spending Their Public Safety Realignment Funds” by Jeffrey Lin and Joan Petersilia.

This second report examines how counties are spending their money, and the relationship between their discretionary spending choices and county-level differences in crime, political context, community attitudes, economic vitality, and other important demographic and social factors. Don Thompson of the Associated Press reported on the study this weekend.

Also available on the Stanford Criminal Justice website are several other Realignment-related reports and articles, including “California Victims’ Rights in a Post-Realignment World,” by Jessica Spencer and Joan Petersilia.