Realignment: Inland counties take over parole hearings from state

As reported on July 3, 2013 by The Press-Enterprise:

The next step in state prison realignment began this week with Riverside and San Bernardino counties taking over hearings and incarcerations for many ex-convicts accused of parole violations – a role that previously belonged to the state prison system.

Until now, the post-release community supervision violations handled by the county and Superior Court were for ex-inmates whose last convictions were for low-level offenses such as drug possession and property crimes. This new wave of filings, which started Monday, July 1, will be for people on parole after serving time for murder, armed robbery, assault and serious sex offenses. […]

Taking on parole cases will affect county prosecutors, public defenders, courts and jails.

Both counties forecast hundreds of parole violation petitions will be filed monthly[.] […]

State parole agents will continue to file and manage the cases, but now they will be heard by a county judicial officer, with the defendant prosecuted by deputy district attorneys and most often represented by deputy public defenders or conflict panel attorneys – lawyers who are paid or contracted by the counties. […]