Parole boards subvert Supreme Court holding that “juvenile lifers” deserve second chances

As reported by Beth Schwartzapfel for The Marshall Project:

The [Supreme Court justices] have made it clear in a series of recent rulings that “juvenile lifers,” those serving life sentences imposed when they were teenagers, must have “some meaningful opportunity to obtain” their release. But the high court has left it up to states — and therefore parole boards — to determine what “meaningful opportunity” means. The result is a wave of lawsuits from those who claim parole officials are undermining their new constitutional obligations.

… [A handful of states, including California,] have passed laws providing new rules and procedures for parole boards to follow in cases of juvenile lifers. … Even with special protections, lawyers and advocates say, whether juvenile lifers get parole is still largely dependent on the political atmosphere and whims of the board members.

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