Why Our Work Matters

In January 2016, the East Bay Express published “Trapped”: a powerful two-part series that explores California’s parole consideration process and features the work of UnCommon Law. The two articles in this series — linked below — provide a rare glimpse into the struggles of our clients and their families. They help make clear why our comprehensive and personal approach to advocacy is so profoundly important.

Cruel and Indefinite Punishment

“Trapped” Part One explains how arbitrary parole decisions needlessly keep life-term prisoners behind bars for decades after they have been rehabilitated.

The accompanying video, featuring our founder Keith Wattley and our client’s mother Ann Johnson, sheds light on how arbitrary parole decisions impact prisoners and their loved ones.


The Vicious Cycle of Trauma

“Trapped” Part Two discusses how abuse and insensitivity by parole commissioners can discourage prisoners from examining traumatic experiences that contributed to their crimes.

The accompanying video, featuring our client Troy Williams and founder Keith Wattley, explains how hard it is to rehabilitate within the harsh prison environment.